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More Digital Paintings

I've started to get kind of into doing these digital drawings/paintings on the ipad now. The next ones have been quite a progression in workflow. The first one here was done all with my finger and in Sketchbook Express so there were a limited number of layers and types of brushes and settings I could use.It's actually still one of my favorites though. I like how the jeans look, and I felt like I really got a sense of the colors overall. There were still some things I wasn't happy with, but oh well.

This next one was also done with my finger, but now in Sketchbook Pro. It's nicer because there are new tools and menus which help with workflow, as well as a bunch of new brushes and settings, so I got to experiment with some of those. I was developing my taste in brushes on this one. I also tried doing some less realistic skin tones but still trying to maintain the integrity of the shading. I've never tried it before, but I've listened to my life drawing teacher ta…
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Digital Paintings

A while ago I downloaded the "Brushes" painting app on my first gen iPod touch. I was able to paint a pretty good Remy and Eve from Ratatouille and Wall-E. That was before I took life drawing and since then I never really touched the app again. My mom recently got an iPad 2 and was able to download the free version of Sketchbook Express which is ok, but I don't like it as much as Brushes, which I haven't bought for it yet.

Anyways, last night I decided to try doing another piece on there with what I know now. I ended up drawing a Tardis on my iPod, and a figure on the iPad. Here they are.

I think I can start to get a little better at this...

Sketchdump - 10.22.11

Had a pretty productive day today artwise. I decided to go out to the city today with my mom and sister for the weekend farmer's market at the Ferry Building. Originally I planned to just take BART back home after that while they went to the Cal football game at ATT Park, but since it was such a nice day and I had my sketchbook I decided to stick around and wander for a few hours while they were at the game.

We grabbed some sandwiches at the farmer's market and went up to the 2nd floor of a pier were there were some free benches for us to sit on while we ate. I took the opportunity to do a couple of sketches. The first one was of the Ferry Building Clocktower from where we were sitting. I hadn't really gotten my hand warmed up yet so the top of the tower got kind of jacked up in perspective. Tried to fix it, but its still messed up.

This one was a quick sketch of the terminal building from where we were sitting as well. I don't usually draw buildings or architecture so…

Sketchdump - 10.8.11

It's fleet week again here in the bay, which means the Blue Angels are in town. I got to go up to a pretty nice balcony in the city that overlooked the water right near Ghiradelli and Fisherman's Wharf. Great 180 degree view of the bay looking out towards Alcatraz and Angel Island. Below is a video I took on my phone of the Blue Angels initial approach and flyover, and a couple of doodles I did on BART, from the balcony, and at a coffee shop afterwards.

Sketchdump 09.15.11

I'm on a roll! Been doing some sketches all week, mostly of some more faces. Some of them are okay, some are pretty good, and some are pretty terrible. But hey, I'm still learning so that's okay. You might recognize some of them, and others probably should be recognizable if I drew them right heh. My bad.

Leading off is an update to a page below of the Walt/Heisenberg drawings. I finished off that page to have some more Breaking Bad characters that night.

The next few are just random faces from different things I've been watching.

And this last page was a run/jump cycle study for a cheetah that I was going to try and apply to my latest animation test. Trying out my first quadruped :\

So I went crazy with my scanner today and I scanned a bunch of back pages that I never got to before. (If I remember) I will post them over a few days on here. Here's a sample!


Sketchdump 09.12.11

Alright, about time for some more sketchbook posts. Besides life drawing I haven't really been keeping up with my sketching until pretty recently. We haven't had class in a couple weeks and I've been wanting to do some drawing.

This first page is just a couple random drawings of sushi. I was kind of hungry for sushi at the time so I decided to draw it since I couldn't go get some to eat. My goal here was to both improve my line and to try and get a sense of texture and perspective with the rendering. Some is more successful than others. Not bad for my first sketches in a couple weeks.

From here I was trying to start to draw some more faces and heads since I never really do that anymore. It was too much of a challenge for me during life drawing to get the heads and faces up to the same level of the body. So here I tried to only draw heads. And not even realistically...I was going for more caricaturish or cartoonish drawings here. Some are decent, some are horrible but h…